Panel sizing

Choosing the correct size of panel will depend on a number of variables such as the appliances you want to power, how long you want to use them for, the likely hours of sunshine and the time of year. As a guide we recommend:

5w to 45w panels are generally used for battery maintenance and small off grid projects such as electric fences and garden water pumps

60w to 200w panels keep leisure batteries topped up in caravans, motor-homes and boats to power lighting, TVs, fans and other 12v equipment plus 240v appliances (with an inverter)

For a detailed breakdown visit the knowledge pages on our website.

A simple rule of thumb is:

Summer – the panel will produce 5 to 6 times its rated power per day.
Spring / Autumn – the panel will produce 2 to 4 times its rated power per day.
Winter – the panel will produce 0.8 to 1 times its rated power per day.

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