For some, choosing all the right electrical kit for their van conversion or 4×4 can be confusing and time consuming, as well as frustrating not knowing which products to choose to ensure you power requirements are catered for!

A complete leisure vehicle electrical kit minimises errors, eliminates confusion, and ensures you have the correct components to successfully connect the system up and have it working to meet your power needs, far quicker and with far less stress than trying to decide for yourself which products to buy separately

When you buy from Vanhomes, you get support from a dedicated and passionate  team of professionals who can provide over the phone support* or via our online support page. Our comprehensive instructions are easy to follow, but we’re here if you need us

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Complete electrical kits for leisure vehicles with full detailed instructions and support



What products are in the kits?

We only use quality, reputable brands. Vanhomes never sell value-engineered products, which are often similar looking products that have been engineered for the purpose of being sold cheap and in large quantities

Cheaply produced electrical products often produce unreliable products that lack support and backing from a reputable seller. Needless to say, poorly manufactured products can also be dangerous. 

Are the kits safe?

With over 15 years experience designing and supplying mobile electrical systems, yes, our kits are very safe. We design our kits with safety at the forefront of our minds. This is also made easier due to the quality components within the kits supplied to us by leading manufacturers backed up by unrivalled support

Do you offer cheaper kits?

As a wise man once said, “the words cheap and quality, should not be included in the same sentence” . On that note, Vanhomes only provide quality components from reputable sources and manufacturers, which we feel are very competitively priced.

One must be certain of the meaning of cheap, because cheap electrical systems are more often than not, unreliable, unstable and potentially dangerous, as the components have been value-engineered to be sold in large quantities and therefore may not undergo the strict quality control measures of leading brands. 

Always check with your supplier to ensure their products are from reputable suppliers with a proven record for reliability and safety.

Do I need any special tools?

You will mostly only need basic tools to complete the installation, for example, here are just some of the tools you will need; 

  • Cable strippers 
  • Side cutters
  • Heavy Duty Cable Cutters (For battery cable)
  • Crimping tool (for terminating the battery terminals)
  • Crimps
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Cordless drill
  • Sharp knife
  • Tape measure
  • etc…


Are the kits easy to install?

A confident person with a good aptitude and some basic tools will be able to follow our guide and have their power system fitted in no time. However, if you have never attempted anything like this before, then it would be advisable to seek some help from a professional, or someone who can assist you. Remember, electricity can be very dangerous, so please ensure you are confident in what you are doing. 

Vanhomes are here to offer full support if you need it

How long will it take me to install the kit?

The time it takes to install the kit is very much dependent on a number of factors, such as; size of your van, accessibility, competence, skill, etc

For a basic day van electrical installation you should allocate at least a day as a minimum

For more detailed electrical installations, for example, an installation that may include, sockets, lights and perhaps, MPPT controllers, Inverters, solar panels etc, you should allow 2 – 5 days for the installation 

What If I Get Stuck?

We offer a dedicated support line to customers and/or an online support form for all our products and electrical kits

Please note: calls to our dedicated support line (0844) are charged at £0.07 per minute not including any additional fees charged by your telephone network provider. 

Can Vanhomes Help Me Design A Custom Kit?

Absolutely, just get in touch with us or give us a call and we can design an electrical kit exactly to your power requirements. All we need is a few details and we can quote you the best and most reliable kit all backed up by our impressive support structure